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Item Thumbnail Guide

The item thumbnail is an image that allows ZEPETO users to judge the attractiveness of the item before purchasing it. You can use thumbnail images that are automatically created when uploading items in ZEPETO Studio, or customize thumbnail images of your own.



Default Thumbnail Image 


  • Upload the item resource from the category page of ZEPETO Studio.


  • When the item resource upload is complete, check the thumbnail image displayed at the top of the item details screen.



Customizing Default Thumbnail Image


  • Download the image by overlaying the mouse on the thumbnail field displayed at the top of the item details screen.


  • Modify the downloaded thumbnail image that follows Recommendations for Customized Thumbnail Images below.
  • When the modification is completed, click the Update file button at the bottom of the thumbnail field to upload the modified thumbnail image.
  • Save item changes.



Recommendations for Customized Thumbnail Images


Please follow the recommendations below when creating and uploading custom thumbnail images.

  • 144x144 pt resolution
  • PNG image format only
  • File under 1MB
  • 1:1 square aspect ratio


Thumbnail Guide

Place the item not to meet the margin of 144x144pt.


Correction in Default Thumbnail Graphic

Correct any graphic errors in the default thumbnail image.



The following customized thumbnail images may be rejected during the review process.

  • Thumbnail image that doesn't match 144pt x 144pt size
  • Item image too small for the entire canvas size
  • Item image contents not expressed enough by cutting some parts off(exception: in case of shoes like long boots, some part may be cut off)
  • Graphic added other than the item
  • Not transparent Item background
  • Image too different from the generated default thumbnail
  • Expressing content totally different from the original item

For more information related to the item thumbnail screening criteria, please refer to Submission guidelines.