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Getting Started
  • Getting Started
  • Creating Your Item - Template Editor
  • Creating Your Item - 3D Modelers
  • Item Thumbnail Guide
  • Submitting Your Item
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Managing Your Item
  • Promotional Contents

Getting Started

Discover everything you need to know to get started with ZAIZAI Studio.


Before people can use your item it'll be reviewed to make sure it meets our policies and guidelines. This usually takes a couple of days, but can take up to a week - excluding weekends. 


Let's start making an item by selecting the guide of different technical levels that suits your taste at the options below.

  • Guide to using Template Editor
    • Suitable for intermediate users who want to customize items by modifying texture files included in templates, except for 3D work steps such as modeling or rigging
  • Guide for 3D modelers
    • Suitable for experienced users who can understand the entire process of 3D item creation, from 3D modeling to rigging, UV map, and texture work.